Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Warren G and Nate Comment on "New Jack City" DVD

"New Jack City" -- the definitive urban gangster film starring Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Chris Rock, Mario Van Peebles (who also directs) and Judd Nelson -- arrives on a "Two-Disc Special Edition" DVD August 23 from Warner Home Video. Just as cool and topical today as when it premiered in 1991, "New Jack City" updates the gangster genre with a hip-hop twist. The cutting-edge soundtrack, which includes tunes by Ice-T, Queen Latifah and 2 Live Crew, was the first ever to blend rap, pop and R&B and produced simultaneous chart-topping singles in all three categories.

The two-disc DVD is loaded with all-new bonus material including director commentary, music videos by Ice-T, Christopher Williams and Color Me Badd, an inside look at current-day Harlem and a revealing making-of featurette. The DVD also includes a documentary featuring rappers Warren G, Nate Dogg, Fab 5 Freddy and radio personalities Ed Lover (New York's Power 105) and Big Boy (Los Angeles' Power 106), sharing their favorite moments of the film. The "New Jack City Two-Disc Special Edition" DVD will be available for $26.99 SRP.

Source: Business Wire


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