Friday, May 06, 2005

Gangsta Walk (Full, Instrumental, Accapella)

Aight, here is the full version of the song "Gangsta Walk" that Nate Dogg did for one of Damizza's mixtapes. This version is about a minute longer than the one that appeared on the mixtape. I've also included an accapella version of the song as well as the instrumental.

Gangsta Walk (full song) - Nate Dogg

Gangsta Walk (acapella) - Nate Dogg

Gangsta Walk (instrumental) - produced by Damizza

I used youshareit this time, since in my opinion it's the best file uploading service but it hasn't been really working all that well the past couple of days. Hopefully it will work alright from now on. If not, I'll use rapidshare again.


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