Monday, December 04, 2006

Nate Dogg on La La's debut album

First Tila Tequila and now Chicana artist La La is using MySpace as her own personal launching pad into fame. It ain’t La La from MTV, she’s actually got some type of future besides Carmelo Anthony. KDAY’s Julio G discovered her through MySpace, where she has over 40,000 friends. The Los Angeles-based singer’s buzz started growing more when Julio began playing her song “La La La” featuring Mack 10.

She’s more than just another pretty face; La La calls her blend of R&B with Chicana flavor “Pretty Brown L.A. Sound.” Her song is being played throughout the Left coast off the strong affiliation with Julio.

She’s presently finishing her debut joint featuring Mack 10, B Real, Nate Dogg with production by Fredwreck, Neff-U, Jellyroll and Focus. For more info on her visit

Source: SOHH


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