Friday, December 23, 2005

Tyrese, Nate and a classic MJ beat

Tyrese is planning on releasing a double album next year titled "Alter Ego" which will feature one disc of him rapping and another of him singing. According to Tyrese there will be one song with Nate Dogg on the album:

“I just did a duet with Nate Dogg on top of Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’ beat,” he adds. “That beat was done by DJ Battlecat and Jellyroll, two of the biggest West coast producers other than Dr. Dre. And they’ve never done a record together. So that should give you a sense of the synergy and people willing to come to the table and collaborate. The Game don’t get along with Guerilla Black, but yet they’re willing to be on the same album.”

Source: Eurweb


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